Will Smith And Chris Rock Need To Talk This Out, And Hopefully They Can Reconcile.

Will Smith And Chris Rock Need To Talk This Out, And Hopefully They Can Reconcile.

Jada Pinkett Smith briefly addressed the Oscars awards ceremony slap on Wednesday’s episode of “Red Table Talk.”

In March, Pinkett Smith’s husband, Will Smith, took the stage at the Academy Awards and slapped presenter Chris Rock after he made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s close-cropped haircut. The actress suffers from alopecia, which causes hair loss. On Her Facebook Watch show, Pinkett Smith had as a guest the mother of 12-year-old Rio Allred, who died by suicide after being bullied for having alopecia. “This is a really important ‘Red Table Talk’ on alopecia,” Pinkett Smith said during the show. “Considering what I’ve been through and what happened at the Oscars, thousands have reached out to me with their stories.” She added: “I’m using this moment to give our alopecia family an opportunity to talk about what it’s like to have this condition and to inform people about what alopecia actually is.”

She then asked about the incident between her husband and Rock.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Jada Pinkett Smith has revealed that she and husband Will Smith are working through their marriage troubles. “Now, about Oscar night, my deepest hope is that these two intelligent, capable men have an opportunity to heal, talk this out, and reconcile,” she said. “The state of the world today, we need ’em both, and we all actually need one another more than ever.”

In April, Pinkett Smith said she would not be discussing the Oscars controversy on her show. A title card at the beginning of her show read, “Considering all that has happened in the last few weeks, the Smith family has been focused on deep healing. Some of the discoveries around our healing will be shared at the table when the time calls. Until then the table will continue offering itself to powerful, inspiring and healing testimonies like that of our incredibly impressive first guest.”

Smith’s husband made a public apology to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and to the Rock after the incident. The Academy banned Smith from attending the Oscars for ten years as punishment for the misconduct.

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