Visitors To The Planet's Tallest Tree Pay Up To $5,000.

Visitors To The Planet’s Tallest Tree Pay Up To $5,000.

Hyperion, the world’s tallest living tree, is officially off-limits to visitors. Hyperion is a coast redwood (sequoia sempervirens) and it stands 115.92 meters (380 feet) tall. The tree’s name is derived from Greek mythology — Hyperion was one of the Titans and the father of sun god Helios and moon goddess Selene. The tree has faced serious environmental degradation since 2006, when it was discovered by a pair of naturalists. Redwood National Park has issued a statement that anyone who is caught near the tree can face up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Hyperion is a giant sequoia located in Sequoia National Park. It is the second largest tree in the world and offers stunning views. Despite its popularity, the area around it has seen a lot of damage. As a visitor, you must decide if you will be part of the preservation of this unique landscape – or will you be part of its destruction? Chief of Natural Resources Leonel Arguello told news site San Francisco Gate that there are limited cell service and GPS reception in the area, making rescue efforts very challenging and dangerous.

Human visitors to Sequoia National Park are damaging the area by creating more trails and leaving behind human waste, according to Arguello. In 2021, officials at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks took extreme measures to protect some of the world’s biggest trees from fire by wrapping General Sherman in aluminum-based burn-resistant material. Although it is shorter than Hyperion, General Sherman is considered the world’s largest tree.

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