Courteney Cox Remarked That She Looked "Really Strange" After Surgery.

Courteney Cox Remarked That She Looked “Really Strange” After Surgery.

Actress and singer Courtney Cox has spoken about her changing attitude to cosmetic procedures, as well as aging and career insecurity.

In a recent interview, the 57-year-old “Friends” star spoke with the UK’s Sunday Times Style magazine about her new comedy horror TV show, “Shining Vale,” in which she plays a depressed erotic novelist who moves from New York City to rural Connecticut with family.

Cox said it was “exciting” to play a character so flawed and real: “The fact that she’s going through this midlife crisis slash menopause.”

Cox is herself not far off 60, and her character on the show is wrestling with the aging process

She said, “It’s hard to hear or even say it. I can’t believe it. There’s nothing wrong with being 60, I just can’t believe it.” Time goes so fast, she said. “There’s no question that I am more grounded and I have learnt so much in my life — what to enjoy and what to try to do more of and what to let go of.”

Cox stated that she has stopped trying to look like she has done before.

In the past, she has tried to chase her youth by getting injections and other procedures done to her face. Now, she realizes that she looked strange during that time, and she wouldn’t go back to it for anything.

In media coverage of aging actors, she said the scrutiny is intense, but she doesn’t know if it could be more intense than what she puts on herself.

Cox, when speaking of her career, reveals some insecurities.

Despite her global superstar status, Cox said her confidence was dented a few years ago after filming a pilot for a television series that was not picked up by a network.

She paused for a moment, then went on. “It shook me for a little while. I mean, for years in some weird way—like, I was scared to go back out.”

Cox shared some thoughts on how she deals with reviews.

She says it’s best not to read what is written about oneself, but she does anyway. She goes straight to the part where her name is mentioned, but wishes people would ask more about her work than what she thinks of other people’s films.

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