How To Amp up Your Sweater Look This Season

Do you smell that? What is it? It smells almost like… WINTER! Yes, winter is upon us, the breeze has already gotten colder, your hands are chilly and you can smell a distinctive fragrance in the air, almost winter-like. I have to admit that winter is undoubtedly my favorite season of the year. The first snow of winter is probably the most magnificent thing you get to see all year. It brings with it a feeling of joy and coziness like no other. However, there is one more reason why I love winter so much. Well, as a girl, winter is full of fashion possibilities. In fact, for most of us women, winter is the time we can finally showcase our inner fashionista because of all the cute and chic trends that get popular every year. Be it the old English trench coat or contemporary puffer jacket, woolen sweaters or knitted dresses, leather jackets or denim jackets, the list goes on. There is just so much to choose from.

One piece of clothing that triumphs all is the sweater. It fits effortlessly with whatever you’re wearing, offering endless possibilities for creating stylish ensembles. But let’s get this straight, there is difference between wearing a sweater and styling a sweater. Most of us often do the prior. Let’s change that.

In this post, we are going to talk about all the interesting ways you can amp up your sweater look this winter. It is all about how you style them to look chic, and stylish yet comfortable. Once you figure that out, you can easily take your style from a 7 to 10 just like that. So, let’s dive into the art of mastering how to style a sweater for women.

Proportions Matter

When you wear a voluminous sweater with baggy jeans, you lose proportion. But why is proportion so important, after all?  Wearing an outfit that is too loose head to toe, might make you look bulkier and shorter and will not extenuate your best features. Different body shapes require different strategies for proportion and balance. It is important that you play with length, and layering and use accessories wisely to create visual interest. A great example of this is wearing a puffy-sleeved sweater for women, like the Lizzy Sweater and Ariel Sweater by Envy Boutique, with slim-fitted bottoms. You can opt for denim jeans, a mid-length skirt, or even a slip-dress.

Classic Tuck

A quick way to fix any oversized or basic sweater into a hot chic one is by tucking it in your bottoms. This creates an hourglass shape by defining your waist and showing off your curves. While any sweater that is slightly longer than your waist can easily be tucked into your jeans, try choosing one that is not so fitted. You can opt for a slouchy sweatshirt or an oversized knitted sweater like Envy Boutique’s Ariel Sweater and pair it with flared or wide-legged jeans, shorts, or even a skirt. Roll up the sleeves to reveal of bit of skin, add solid jewelry to the look, and carry a statement bag.

Layer It with a Dress

If you are obsessed with dresses just like I am, then this is a style hack you need to try. Sweaters go amazingly with dresses so there is no way you should just limit them to jeans and trousers. If you have a favorite dress that is not so winter-friendly but you still want to wear it, throw a sweater over it and turn your breezy little dress into a winter essential. The best part about this look is that you can opt for any sweater you like, be it the Checkered Green Cardigan, Ariel Sweater or the Lizzy Sweater from Envy Boutique or the Acid Wash Pullover. Just make sure that whatever sweater for women you choose, is not body hugging so there is room for the dress underneath.

Experiment with Colors

I know that neutrals are in fashion but while you can always play safe and create a statement with neutral colors, how about experimenting with bolder hues for a change? Go for color combinations that complement your skin tone and express your style. Step out of your comfort zone and choose pieces that are bold and stand out, like the Checkered Green cardigan, and more from Envy Boutique. You can always pair them with bold complementary trousers and chunky heels to complete the look, or simply opt for a good pair of jeans and balance the look.

Let’s Wrap It Up;

This winter, let your outfits speak for themselves. While I encourage you to follow the sweater styling guide above, it is important that you also embrace your uniqueness and find your style. Always keep in mind that when you are styling a sweater, don’t let it wear you, wear it instead.

Now you can also help yourself to the coziest and chic sweaters from Envy Boutique. So, grab your favorites before winter comes.

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