Friday, December 9

Twitter Users’ Rising Expectations For The Next Korean Hit Hopes Justifies The Hype Around The ‘Squid Game?’ Netflix Series.

Twitter Users' Rising Expectations For The Next Korean Hit Hopes Justifies The Hype Around The 'Squid Game?' Netflix Series.

Another hit featuring a female attorney has made substantial waves on the Netflix service in South Korea, drawing hope that producers and investors may have another “Squid Game“-like hit on their hands.

A series that follows a newbie attorney on the autism spectrum has topped watchlists on the streaming platform for two weeks and was the most-watched non-English series globally on Netflix from July 4 to 17, according to the company’s metrics. The show ranked number one in that category in eight countries, and appeared in the top 10 for 22 countries. That’s good news for Astory Co., which is known for hits such as “Kingdom,” another hot show for Netflix. Shares of the South Korean studio have surged 74% since the debut of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in late June.

Netflix has endeavored to leverage the international success of its original series to expand its customer base. In a post published Wednesday, Netflix hailed the success of the series, noting that it had been gathering international traction in many countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In recent years, Netflix has directed more resources toward the Asia Pacific region, where it continues to see growth help offset declines from other markets. The company reported earnings on Tuesday showing that it had added 1.1 million Asian subscribers in the second quarter while losing users in markets such as the United States and Canada. South Korean content is especially important to the streaming giant after the massive success of “Squid Game” last year—which became the company’s top show globally—as well as other hits such as “Love Alarm.”

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